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Social Media Strategies for Yoga Studios

Social Media Strategies for Yoga Studios

Social media is a crucial element of any marketing plan for a yoga studio. Especially since two-thirds of adults in America have and actively use social media. It is important that yoga studios are able to reach consumers where they spend a lot of their time. Word of mouth is not enough.  Not only is it important that you are able to reach consumers, but yoga studios should come up with a marketing strategy so you can understand how to best leverage social media. This ensures that yoga studios are using social media in the most effective way to reach their target audience. Social media marketing also helps with search engine optimization. These 8 strategies will help you get the most out of your social media strategy.

1- Find the Right Social Media Platforms for Your Yoga Studio

Making sure you are posting on the best possible platforms is important when improving a yoga studio’s social media presence. You want to make sure that your yoga studio is able to reach the yoga community as easily as possible. For example, women make up the majority of Americans yoga practitioners. In fact, 72% of Americans who practice yoga are women.

Platforms like Instagram have more female users than male users. Posting on Instagram could be a great way to reach out to females in the yoga community. Instagram is also a great platform for yoga studio media because it is a very visual platform. You could post pictures of your instructors demonstrating various yoga poses and techniques.

Other platforms like Reddit might not be worth your marketing efforts since a majority of their users are male unless you cater specifically to male clients. In addition to Instagram, you should consider making content for Tiktok and Facebook since they also have a majority female audience. Obviously, you can post content outside of these platforms, however they might be a good place to start when trying to reach the yoga community.

2 – Set Goals for Your Social Media Strategy

Before you invest too much time into a yoga studio media plan, it is important that you set goals for your plan. Do you want to gain more customers? Build customer loyalty? Increase brand awareness? What you wish to achieve from social media can drastically change your social media strategy.

For example, if you want to build customer loyalty you should be focusing on engagement. Make sure when you are setting your goals that you keep them realistic. You should not expect your social media profile to become viral overnight. A following on social media is grown over time by consistently posting content. Expecting your first post to go viral will likely lead to disappointment and be counterproductive.

3 – Find the Best Time to Post on Each Platform

Once you start posting more on your social media accounts, you might start to notice a pattern. If you can tell that posts made at a certain time get a lot more engagement, then that might be the best time for you to post.

If you are not noticing a pattern, do not worry there are a couple of tips you can utilize to better understand when you should be posting content on your social media. After all, determining why a certain post got a lot of engagement can sometimes be challenging. Did the post perform well because of when it was posted or because users just liked the content of the post?

One of the best ways to determine when the best time to post is by posting similar content at various times. Additionally, if that does not seem to work you can research when the best time to post on each social media site is. Each social media site will have its own peak hours when the most users are on their platform.

4 – Take Advantage of Social Media Trends

When you are looking for ways to increase your yoga studio media presence, you should consider incorporating social media trends into your content. Using social media trends can be a great way to showcase the creativity your studio has to offer.

There are a lot of trends that could easily be done with the incorporation of yoga in them. One of the reasons using social media trends can be great for marketing your yoga studio is because it can provide your studio exposure. Often, social media trends will have specific hashtags. Using these hashtags can expose your content to more than just the consumers that already follow you.

Additionally, following trends can foster goodwill between the brand of your yoga studio and your consumers. Trends can also lead to increased engagement. This is important because the more consumers interact with your brand, the more likely they will feel invested in it.

5 – Determine Your Yoga Studio’s Personality 

It is important that you determine your studio’s personality before you start a marketing campaign and posting on social media. Many social media users expect that brands will have a distinct personality on social media, even if it is just a blog post on the benefits of yoga classes.

A good example of this is how Wendy’s brands its personality on Twitter. Wendy’s Twitter account got popular among consumers for their sassy comebacks to user’s Tweets. Consumers were excited to see what sassy comeback Wendy’s would Tweet next. This does not necessarily mean that you should start creating content with sassy comebacks. It is more so an example of a brand leveraging its personality for an increase in engagement.

Most business owners typically go for a professional personality. It is also important that on your yoga studio media account that you do not interact with any content that is not in line with your brand’s personality. Companies in the past have gotten into trouble for accidentally liking a tweet that went against the values of their brand.

6 – Partner with a Social Media Influencer 

If you have some extra money in your yoga studio media budget, you should consider partnering with an influencer. If you are concerned about the cost of a partnership with an influencer, you can also partner with a micro-influencer. A micro-influencer is an influencer that has a significantly sized audience but is not a super large influencer like Kim Kardashian.

The reason why partnering with a smaller influencer can be a great yoga studio idea is because it can save you money. Although micro-influencers have a smaller audience, often their followers are as loyal to the influencer if not more so than a large influencer.

It will also allow you to invest part of your marketing budget in other areas. Partnering with a social media influencer can be a great way to get your brand in front of a lot of new eyes. Regardless of if it is a micro-influencer or a normal-sized influencer, utilizing influencer marketing can be a great idea.

7 – Interact with Your Social Media Followers

One of the biggest advantages of using social media over paid yoga advertising in your marketing strategy is that you have the opportunity to interact with consumers. Answering the questions consumers might have about your studio can help you gain more customers.

Consumers appreciate studios reaching out and interacting with them. It tells the consumers that as a studio you care enough to interact with them. 

Additionally, interacting with consumers is a good yoga studio media strategy because it can provide feedback to the studio. When interacting with consumers through social media, if you start to notice a pattern of the same concerns it might be worth looking at making some improvements to your studio.

Maybe you notice that there are several concerns about a certain yoga instructor you employed. It might be worth discussing the issues with the yoga teacher. Learning from feedback can help your studio improve. The more your studio improves, the more likely consumers will want to go to your studio.

8 – Advertise Your Promotions 

A great way to use yoga studio media is to leverage the platforms to advertise any promotions you are currently running. As you are making various content for your social media accounts, be sure to also make posts that are highlighting your promotions as well as any special events. This will encourage people that were interested in attending a class to actually go.

You could also consider creating a promotion that is exclusive to your social media accounts. This is a great marketing idea because it will encourage users to continue to follow your studio on social media. It can also help you track how many new customers you get are coming in because of your social media efforts.

You can even inform your current customers that there will be more promotions in the future on your yoga media accounts. Engaging with your current customers online is equally important to getting new customers to encourage brand loyalty.