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How to Build a Hyperlocal SEO Landing Page

Hyperlocal SEO Landing Page

A digital marketing strategy people should implement more often is hyperlocal SEO for their landing page. However, many people may not know what that means. The page copy is the first thing people need to consider when it comes to hyperlocal SEO. All of the keywords and phrases that someone uses on their landing page will tell Google that their business represents a particular neighborhood. To learn more about hyperlocal SEO and how can utilize it for your landing pages, keep reading!

Hyperlocal SEO Best Practices

Hyperlocal SEO is the same tactic as normal SEO but the keywords and phrases specifically target one area. This is ideal for businesses in one neighborhood because they will want to attract all of their local customers.

A hyperlocal landing page is a landing page that has been optimized for customers in a very specific neighborhood. When people create their hyperlocal SEO landing page, they won’t want to stop at the city level, but they should go deeper into the surrounding neighborhoods. For example, rather than simply creating a landing page for Denver-area customers, you can specifically target customers in a Denver neighborhood like Logan Square.

All of this information be weaved into someone’s meta tags so that local people will find this website before others. Another way people can complete their city landing page with the best SEO is by mentioning well-known intersections, notable landmarks, and customer parking close to their business. People should think about how they would direct someone to get to their business from different streets nearby.

Lastly, people can include images of all the previously mentioned landmarks, which will drastically improve their hyperlocal SEO landing pages.

Keywords to Target for Every Hyperlocal SEO Landing Page

Landing pages with hyperlocal SEO will help people gain another layer of optimization. Depending on where their business is located, the person will want to ensure that they are implementing the right hyperlocal keywords to their landing page. An example would be a hair salon in a city. Most people looking for a hair salon will just type in ‘hair salon’ and the city name.

The normal keywords that every business should use will help them be found in their city. This is an excellent first step because no potential customer will be upset to find someone’s hair salon on the other side of the city because they can keep it for future reference. However, if someone were to search for a hair salon in their local area, the hair salon should pop up if that is where it is located.

These keywords won’t just help people in larger areas find the hair salon. People just a few streets away can find it easily now too. This is what happens with hyperlocal terms are used because it will help create a geo-targeted landing page that people in the local area can find every time.

How Do You Build a Hyperlocal SEO Landing Page?

Before building hyperlocal SEO landing pages, you need to ensure that you have already designed a local landing page. Once this is done, you can optimize it for hyperlocal SEO. This will help improve your local ranking on Google.

Three Ways to Add Hyperlocal Information to Your Landing Pages

Once the landing page has been built, every user should begin to add hyperlocal information. Some of the information that should be found on all of the hyperlocal SEO landing pages below.


86% of consumers rely on the internet to find a local business. More consumers will now add their neighborhood into their Google search when looking for a particular service in their area. Many cities across the United States have multiple neighborhoods that make up that specific area. That is why people are beginning to put their specific neighborhoods in Google search. They want to find services close to them, instead of crossing the entire city.

People who utilize hyperlocal phrases and keywords on their landing page will see their website benefit from this. However, both will need to be added to be considered hyperlocal. That also means that any nicknames for the business area should be placed on the landing page for increased SEO.


It is not uncommon for people to type in their local intersection on Google when looking for something close by. Many businesses will benefit from adding local intersections to their page because it will help them rank higher on search results. This can be done by providing people driving or walking with directions from the intersection of nearby parking.

Businesses in the city will know that parking is a nightmare. If there is no available parking at the business, then everyone should provide helpful parking information. Additionally, adding how to get from the local bus stop to the business is another excellent way for hyperlocal SEO. This is because people can mention which buses come near the store, which can help people who do not drive.


Landmarks are another great way to help build hyperlocal SEO landing pages because they indicate to Google where the business is. It can also help Google determine where the business sits regarding local landmarks. Any landmarks near any business should be used when creating a geo-targeted landing page, but only local landmarks should be used.

This will help people visiting this landmark find the business because when they search for it, it will be one of the other options that pop up on Google. An example would be a coffee shop that is nearby a local zoo. When someone types in “coffee shop near zoo,” it will appear on Google. That is a sure-fire way to get other people to come to the nearby coffee shop.

More Ways to Boost Your Hyperlocal SEO

These are additional ways that you can boost your hyperlocal SEO and reach more customers in your immediate vicinity:

Optimize Your Google My Business Page

Optimizing visibility among the local crowd can be done by optimizing your Google My Business page. If you want your business to be added to Google Maps, then you need a Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business page.) Every business owner update this page on their Google profile. This will help every business improve its chances of appearing on Google. Be sure to follow Google My Business best practices.

Also, business owners should encourage their customers to leave positive Google reviews because this will help build an online reputation that will encourage other customers to come and try the service or product offered. These are the three things that people should consider when they are optimizing their Google My Business page:

  1. Distance: Google will want to know how far the business is from the local search query. This means that you should ensure that you add information showing that their business is close to a city and a neighborhood.
  2. Prominence: This is where people should make sure that they put in high-quality links, reviews, images, citations, and local articles about their business.
  3. Relevance: Make sure that the right target keywords, business category, and any other detailed information about the business are put in the profile.

Optimize for Voice Search

In 2020, it came out that nearly 50% of all searches were done by voice on Google. People are using their mobile phones for everything, which means that more and more people are using the voice command options instead of typing the question themselves. Many users are looking for new information about local businesses, deals, and the exact location of places, which is why people should begin optimizing for voice searches.

You can optimize for voice search by:

  • Figuring out a list of questions related to the targeted keywords.
  • Once you determkine these questions, create content that helps people solve these questions and add them to your website. You should also use keywords like “near me,” “close by,” and “nearby.”
  • Adding structured data markup will help Google feature the business in local search results.
  • Optimizing the website for mobile users is the best way to ensure they will look at it when it comes up on Google on their phone.

Create Localized Content

When a business creates as much localized content as possible, this will help with their city landing page through hyperlocal marketing. Every person should try to provide facts and statistics when they create content for their web page. A good way for businesses to find out local information that may be relevant to them is by going out there and speaking to people about related topics and issues in the area.

Get Hyperlocal SEO Landing Pages at Webmix Networks SEO

Building hyperlocal SEO landing pages is a great way to attract local customers to every business. This is because people want to help places that are near to them. When a website owner makes sure that their online presence is optimized for hyperlocal SEO, they will see more people in the local area be interested in coming in and trying out their service. By adding specific content on landmarks, intersections, and neighborhoods, you can create a hyperlocal SEO landing page that can help you attract more business. At Webmix Networks SEO, one of our specialties is creating geo-targeted landing pages for our clients. Contact us today!