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Our Organic Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing includes a full assessment of your current website, reports on valuable keywords and niche markets, and a full gamut of SEO techniques that are tried and true over the years. Our services work with Google regardless of algorithm changes and changing theories.

Web Design & Development

Our Web Design and Development service is second to none and our designers have worked with a variety of clients from big names to mom-and-pop shops. All designs are built from scratch and are never developed from a template. Your site design will be unique to your business. We build marketable websites!

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SEO Audit & Optimization

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What’s holding your website back from Google domination?

When you audit your website, you get to see what you are doing well, where you can improve, and what to fix for an easy win

To make sure your website is properly optimized, you need to assess every inch of your website. At WEBMIX NETWORKS SEO, we perform SEO audits in order to optimize your website based on our findings.  Everything on your website counts towards ranking on Google, so our SEO specialists take every factor into consideration when we perform an SEO audit and optimize your website.

We optimize your website for both on-page and off-page SEO because some of the most important things about your website you can’t even see!

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Denver SEO Services


Technical SEO Audits

When it comes to taxes, you probably don’t want an audit. But when it comes to SEO, you do. An SEO website audit means seeing how well your website meets Google’s best practices. It’s the first step in cleaning up issues your site may have that affect how it appears in organic searches.

SEO audits have multiple components that include crawling and indexing your site, eliminating redirects, checking for duplicate content, and on-page analysis. The goal is to provide a plan for a technically sound website and boost your site’s search engine rankings. These changes will bring in more visitors, leads, and ultimately, revenue.

Website Crawl

An essential part of a technical SEO audit is a website crawl. We use the best SEO software to crawl your website. This allows us to identify and assess how Google has indexed your content.

When we crawl your website, we look for:

  • Redirects
  • Error pages
  • Duplicated content
  • Unlinked pages
  • Metadata
  • Substantially thin content
  • Missing pages
  • Browsable versions of your site
Off-Page SEO Services
Manual Audit

Manual Audit

We crawl your site using the best SEO software. After utilizing software to identify any areas for improvement, we also do a manual audit by going through all of your pages.

By individually going through each page on your website, we are able to better understand how your site works, the content that you have, the content you are missing, and more.

When we perform this audit, we are able to read these pages based on how Google will read them. These issues can greatly impact your website’s ability to rank, but with our help, they can easily be fixed. The hardest part is identifying these problems. When we audit your website we don’t only identify these problems — we pose solutions.

After we perform our audit, we are able to pinpoint what you are already doing well and where there is room for improvement. After we identify what needs fixing, with your approval, we fix it!

On-Page Optimization Services

We make sure to audit the on-page (or off-site) aspects of your website. On-page or off-site optimization refers to anything on your website or in the backend of your website that may be impacting its ability (or inability) to rank.


Content is king, which is why we audit all content on your website. The fact of the matter is that every word on your website counts, and after your audit, we are able to provide you with solutions as to how to make it count to your benefit.

Web Copy Review

We review all the content on your website, including your home page and landing pages. We also address your blog content (if you have any), but our blog audit is another step entirely. When we review your website copywriting, we look at:

Keyword density (how many times your keywords appear on your website).
Internal linking throughout your pages
Duplicate content

Blog Audit

When we audit every blog on your website — if you have a blog — we consider all of the above factors. In addition, when we audit your blogs, we specifically consider:

  • Duplicate blogs
  • Old content
  • Blogs without any internal links or images
  • Blogs that can be updated
  • Blogs that can be consolidated into one “super post”

Meta Data

Metadata plays an essential role in on-page SEO. When we audit your website, we look to see if every page on your website has metadata — a title tag, and a meta description — and if it is properly optimized. Metadata helps give Google the context of a given page. It can improve a page’s click-through rate and is one of the most important areas to be integrating your target keywords.

We don’t outsource any of our on-page optimization efforts as each and every one of our title tags and meta descriptions are written by one of our specialists in house. We write our title tags and meta descriptions specifically based on our thorough keyword research. We optimize your metadata for the keywords that have been approved by you personally.

Site Speed

Assessing your site speed is an essential part of our technical SEO audit because, if you have poor load speed, that doesn’t mean great things for how users interact with your website.

Google rewards websites that people like visiting. We offer site speed optimization services to help you update your site and get it loading faster for improved functionality and rankings.

Local Directory Citations

Local directory citations are a great way to establish your local presence and help boost your Local SEO efforts and rankings. Think of these sites as your typical online web directory, similar to YellowPages, Goldbook and other established web directories.

The more times Google sees your full address, name, phone number and other business information the more credible your site becomes and as such; will rank higher in the Google Map Pack.

Our link building services focus on ensuring your NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) is consistent across all platforms and that your site is listed on as many local web directories as possible.

Outreach Link Building

Similar to guest blog posting, the outreach link building strategy is the process of reaching out to website owners and bloggers and asking them to include a backlink to your site. Ideally, you are asking them to include your website as a resource in one of their existing blogposts or resource guides. But it can also open up the conversation that will then allow you to submit a guest blogpost as well. It’s all about establishing those connections and turning them into successful link building relationships!

Off-Page SEO Optimization

Off-page SEO refers to any SEO efforts that occur off of your website, but still directly impact your rankings. There are various off-page factors that we will take into consideration when performing an audit to optimize your website


We audit and assess your backlinks to optimize your off-page SEO. The most prevalent off-site SEO factors that impact your rankings are the external websites that direct to your site. We assess where these links are, and if any need to be disavowed (i.e., removed). Backlinks are typically disavowed if they are doing more harm than good for your website.

Based on our backlink analysis, we are able to establish a strong link building strategy to help you improve the quality of links that are directing to your website.

Our SEO services include quality link building strategies to help your website rank for competitive keywords. We follow the best SEO practices that will establish your digital presence with quality link building and relevant business listings.

Citations & Business Directories

Is your business featured on any business directories that are linking back to your website? Business directories help to confirm your business information to Google and act as helpful backlinks.

As part of our local SEO efforts, we source various business directories to place citations that link back to your website. This shows Google that sites are linking back to you, and also help to verify your business information.

Webmix Networks SEO

Frequently Asked Question About On-Page & Off-Page SEO

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is an audit that considers both the on-page and off-page factors that contribute to how your website ranks and is read by Google.

How long does an SEO audit take?

No two websites are the same. The length of time it will take us to do an SEO audit will depend on your volume of backlinks, and the size of your website (i.e., how much content and how many pages it has).

Why is an SEO audit important?

An SEO audit is important because it allows you to identify any factors that impact how your website is running and how it is being read by Google. By doing an audit, we are able to pinpoint your areas for improvement and create an SEO campaign that provides your site with the solutions it needs to succeed.

What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO refers to the factors on a page or website that directly relates to its ranking. These factors include:

  • Content
  • Metadata (Title Tag & Meta Description)
  • Images & Alt Text
  • Schema
  • Page Speed
  • Domains & URLs
  • 301 Redirects
What is off-page SEO?

Off-page or off-site SEO refers to ranking factors that contribute to your website, but don’t directly live on your site. This mainly refers to the backlinks of your websites; the pages that are linking back to your website whether it be a piece of content, a business directory, or a forum post.

Why is on-page optimization important?

On-page optimization is important because it is what Google reads when it crawls a given page of your website. It is what helps Google to understand your page and identify who to serve it to. Optimizing your on-page SEO for the right keywords can make a world of a difference when it comes to how you rank on Google.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to the back end elements of a website that impact how it runs, how it is crawled, and how it’s indexed. When we do a technical SEO audit we lookout for dead links, site speed, security, structured data, sitemaps, and robot txt as well as other factors.

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