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Why Machinery Companies Need Local SEO

Machinery Marketing Ideas

Machinery companies manufacture, rent, or sell heavy machinery required for construction, forestry, or industrial industries. Heavy machinery helps people perform extremely exhausting tasks with lesser exertion quicker. These machines perform tasks such as moving earth, drilling, excavating, paving, and compacting.  According to a recent survey, 84% of heavy machinery owners benefit from using their website to reach their customers. Interestingly, only 72% of the machinery companies benefited from having a website before Covid-19. It is apparent that several players in the machinery field have shifted to the online world, and this trend will only continue.

How Machinery SEO Can Benefit Machinery Companies

All the buyers and sellers of heavy machinery have taken to the online world to conduct their business. So, the next intelligent step for the machinery companies would be to optimize their online website for machinery SEO and strengthen their online presence by following machinery advertising and machinery marketing techniques. Hence, optimizing for machinery SEO can bring the machinery companies to the attention of new customers and help retain their current customers by making it easier for existing customers to find and connect with them. So, optimizing for machinery SEO can help you reach your customers before your competitors do.

Four Steps to Improve Local SEO for Machinery Companies

One of the first steps in optimizing your machinery company website for SEO is to optimize your website for local SEO. While machinery SEO makes you visible to a global customer base, optimizing local SEO for machinery companies such as yours gets you in front of potential customers in your locality. In a way, local SEO is the most essential part of optimizing your website for machinery SEO. After all, if you are based in Texas, someone looking to rent your bulldozers in Austin is more likely to convert into your customer than someone looking to rent a bulldozer in Seattle. So, grab the local market by its horns by optimizing your online presence for local SEO. To improve your local SEO score, it will be highly beneficial for you to consider the following four steps.

Get a Google My Business Profile

Getting a Google My Business profile puts you on the map when your ideal customers search online to buy or rent machines similar to the ones you supply. When someone searches for “Where to rent an excavator in Austin?” several blue links appear on the first page of the Google results page. But three search results with their location pinpointed on the map to the right of the links appear even before the blue link results. They are called the three packs of Google Maps. Only companies with a Google My Business page and an optimized website can rank in these results.

This 3-pack map result shows your location and your contact number right there on the page, even before clicking on your website link. The contact number directly displayed on the search result makes it easy for those searching on their phone to call you to avail your machines immediately.

There might be several machinery companies in Austin. But getting a Google My Business profile gets your company listed on the top and improves your chances of getting chosen by your customers over your competitors.

Get Listed in Local Directories

Your ideal customers are also bound to hang out in online places where they might accidentally stumble upon your business but decide that your company suits their exact needs. Local citations also make you more visible as you become visible where your customers are likely to hang out. It is always wise to cover the ground and get listed on as many local directories as possible.

Collect Reviews

There is no more powerful social proof than a satisfied customer. When your happy customers leave shining reviews about your business, machines, and service on Google and the local directories, it will automatically improve your machinery SEO. It will also convince search engines to rank you at the top of the search results.

Whenever a customer returns a machine, give them a flyer with a link to your website or local directories where they can leave their review. Send a reminder email to satisfied customers with a small discount coupon in exchange for a review. And remember that your customer base can watch all of your online activities. So when responding to a negative review, always be polite and express eagerness to provide better service the next time.

Optimize Your Website for Machinery SEO and Local SEO

Create content on your website for targeted keywords related to your industry. These are the keywords your future clients will type into a search engine to look for companies like yours. For example, your ideal client might look for “Where to buy compactors in Austin.” So make sure that the exact keyphrase is added to your website. This will ensure that Google ranks you first when someone searches for it.

You should also make sure that your website is easy to navigate for the users that arrive on your website. Finding the product page, contact number, or subscribe button on some websites is tough. Place calls to action in strategic locations throughout your website, so the leads get converted into customers without glitches. Highlight the areas where they can subscribe to your email newsletter, book a consultation, or contact you over the phone. Also, displaying all the details about your company in an easy-to-navigate way will project an image of transparency. Easy-to-navigate websites are also easily crawlable by search engines and will automatically improve your machinery SEO. A website highly optimized for machinery SEO will, in turn, help you appear in the top search results and hence beat your competition.

Once you have optimized your online presence for a high local SEO score, it is now prudent to look into a few marketing ideas for your machinery company.

Machinery Marketing Ideas

How do you market your machinery business without sounding boring and standing apart from all your competitors? The following ideas will help set you apart from your competition and establish your unique values.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most powerful weapon in any digital marketing arsenal, especially for machinery SEO. Webmix Networks SEO provides training on how to create strategic content for your website.

First, you should write blog posts convincing customers how your machinery can help them save time, energy, and money in the long run. Also, list what is unique about your machinery, services, payment options, and how doing business with you sets you apart from your competitors. For example, highlight how your machines are more powerful, modern, updated, and superiorly maintained. You can also display the proud history of your company and explain how many amenities in the community were made possible thanks to your machinery. For example, freshwater pipelines for local water supply could have been laid using your machinery, which could be highlighted on your website.

Next, you could also answer a bunch of frequently asked questions and display them as a FAQ section. This FAQ section will help your potential customer’s doubts even before they ask them.

Social Media Marketing

It is almost a guarantee that at least some of your ideal customers and local clients are using social media. So, that makes it a great platform for you to market your products and services on.  A few ideas on what you could post on social media platforms are new trends in your industry, videos touring your factory, and interviews from happy employees.

Email Marketing

To keep previous customers engaged and convert leads into new customers, it is essential to keep in contact with them via email. There are many different ways you can engage with people using email. For example, you can share offers, sale announcements, and seasonal discounts. You can also keep them informed with news about your company, such as an expansion, new collaborations, new acquirements, and achievements. Finally, you could also provide helpful advice on what machine to choose and how to use them for different purposes.

Local SEO Services for Machinery Companies from Webmix Networks Seo

You may wonder where you should begin with your local SEO strategy. Thankfully, Webmix Networks SEO team of local SEO experts is trained to lead you through the twists and turns of digital marketing.

We can help trucking companies all over the United States and Canada dominate their local SEO arena. When you’re ready to take a proactive approach to local SEO, we hope you’ll make us your first call!