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How to Promote Facebook Pages for Free


Whether you own a toy store or computer software company, it is important to know to promote Facebook pages for free. Social media plays a vital role in advertising and your overall marketing strategy. Each platform serves a different purpose and reaches a different audience. When thinking about the intent of Facebook, think about connecting and improving your brand awareness. This is what Facebook excels at, and what you should be capitalizing on while on the app.

Get Started

The first step is to create an account and create a page that highlights your brand and what you offer. The most crucial step is reaching out to your audience and retaining consumer attention through your Facebook page. Promoting your page needs to be strategic and unique to who you are. Discovering how to promote Facebook pages for free is a lifesaver and your key to success. To better understand how to use Facebook and its various features, below are a few ideas on how to promote Facebook pages, how to promote business on Facebook for free, and generally how to promote your business on Facebook.

How to Promote Facebook Pages

Figuring out how to promote Facebook pages is relatively simple. Your Facebook page should represent your brand while being engaging to those who come across it. When first creating your page, it might take a little bit of time to accumulate a large following, and that is normal. Establishing your brand does not happen overnight, and it will take some time and effort. Your Facebook page should appear clean and consistent with how your company has positioned themselves inside of consumers’ minds so it is easily recognizable. You should incorporate your company colors and your logo. Your profile picture can be your logo and your cover photo should be something that represents your brand and connects with your audience. You will want to find the right audience on Facebook and post the right content.

Post with Intent

A good way to promote Facebook pages for free is by creating posts that have a reason behind them. Quality is so much more important than quantity in the social media world. You want your posts to have a purpose that brings value to your consumers. Before you publish a post, think about what you are trying to communicate. Are you trying to tell a story? Trying to convince users to visit your website? Whatever the case might be, pour all of your efforts into properly communicating that message. Your posts should be beneficial and visually appealing if you are using images or video. You can start by creating a list of who you are trying to target. What are their beliefs, preferences, ideals, etc.? Creating lists will help save time down the road and ensure your strategy is consistent and that all content is tied together.

Schedule your Posts Regularly

In general, people like consistency. They like regularity, and this holds true for Facebook as well. Another great way to promote Facebook pages is by scheduling posts regularly. There is a reason why people love their morning paper so much, because it gives them a routine. Staying on a schedule helps give structure to our lives and makes us feel more in control and less stressed out. Utilizing a content calendar will help you achieve that consistency. Scheduling programs, like Hootsuite and Buffer help support your business staying on track and never miss a beat. These programs allow you to schedule posts over a month in advance and can even provide insights on how much exposure those posts receive. Scheduling gives you a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness. You could do something like schedule a fun quiz every Tuesday at 3pm to give your audience engaging content and a set time to experience that content.

Take Advantage of Facebook Stories

Facebook stories are more casual than regular posts, so they can be anything you want them to be. Of course, content should align with your company, but this is your opportunity to think outside the box. You could post flash sales or hot news, or really anything you want. Promoting your Facebook page through Facebook stories should be engaging and fun for users. Stories feel less pushy to consumers because they are choosing to click on it and view the content. It is a great way to make sales and increase traffic to your website. Facebook stories offer different structures of posting. There is an option to select a poll or create a boomerang and so forth. Take advantage of these templates and use them accordingly.

How to Promote Business on Facebook for Free

Discovering how to promote business on Facebook for free is going to be your key to a better brand and better strategy. How well you utilize Facebook’s features is up to you. Facebook is a very well-established social media platform that people of all ages use. If you are just starting up your business page on Facebook, there are several different ways to promote your business on Facebook for free.

Build your Audience

A great way to promote your Facebook page for free is by starting with your friends and family. After you create your page, you can invite your friends and family to “like” your business page. Doing so will help your digital footprint and provide you with feedback on how well people like your content and are responding to it. You can directly ask your friends and family how much they like the look of your page and the content you are posting. If the feedback is so-so, you are one step closer to creating a more effective page by implementing modifications and making changes. You can also generate word-of-mouth marketing through your networks. You can ask friends to share and invite their friends to go on and like your page. Focus on building a quality audience first. This will ensure the content you post matches the needs of your intended audience.

Offer Promotions & Contests

Another great way that solves how to promote Facebook pages for free is by offering various promotions and contests on your page. Contests can increase brand recognition and consumer following all at the same time. You could post about a giveaway for a popular item or gift card that your target demographic would find appealing. The instructions could direct users to like and share the post and tag three people to be entered into a drawing to win the product/gift card. Not only will your users find the content engaging and remember your brand for the future, but your page will also get some great exposure from other people who have never heard of your brand. Talk about a win-win situation!

Promotional Updates

Promoting your Facebook Page can be a direct result of promoting your products and services consistently. Keep consumers in the loop about new product launches and sales or special deals. You can share details about the most popular products to increase sales and awareness. A useful tactic is to post a “top ten” most popular product post once a month. This keeps consumers in the loop on products that others find valuable and that might satisfy their needs too. If your company sells clothes you could create an outfit of the week video with different articles of clothing that pair well together. This way if someone was going to your website just to buy blue jeans, they might also feel inclined to purchase the matching top and shoes too! Not to mention, videos are highly engaging and are a great way to capture users’ attention.

Interact with Users

Many great companies track users who mention their name and post about their company so that they can respond. This is a beneficial way to promote Facebook pages for free. It also gives your brand more credibility. You should be responding to posts that either positively mention your company or negatively mention your company. Doing so shows you care and are willing to take initiative in improving your company and the way it operates. This will give your company a good name, and other users will see how you respond to your customers and listen to all types of feedback. Reinforcing the good reviews is a great idea. You could even repost positive reviews to your page as testimony for your brand, and how much other users like it.

How to Promote your Business on Facebook

Knowing how to promote your business on Facebook will open new doors for your company and help you connect with your consumers. Facebook is all about connection and creating relationships with other users, which is integral for any business. You want consumers to feel like they know you personally and how your company will fulfill the perceived benefit from your products or services. When thinking about how to promote your business on Facebook, think about your consumers and how you can effectively reach them and bring value to their everyday life. For help with how to promote your Facebook pages for free, reach out to Webmix Networks SEO, where a team of experts will take your digital marketing strategy to the next level!