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How Important is Page Speed Analysis for SEO?

How Important is Page Speed Analysis for SEO

The internet is a fast-paced environment and the page speed of a website matters. One of the most important factors for building a site is its effectiveness. This is measured by the organization of it as well as if it works properly. For a site to work properly the page speed analysis must be measured. Speed is a very important factor to consider when building your website. If speed is an issue, there will be negative effects that can impact your site badly.

Page Speed Analysis

Page speed analysis is simply defined as the time it takes for a page to display all of its content. Although it sounds very straightforward, there are a couple of factors that determine page speed. The site’s server, file size and image compression help determine the time it takes to load a page.

Separate measurements can be taken for page speed through different devices. There is a different experience when loading pages from devices such as desktops and mobile phones. Technological differences between them make it necessary to measure separately.

Page Speed SEO

To understand better it is best to explain the meaning of SEO’s or Search Engine Optimizations. They are important to make sure your site and online presence are successful. SEO’s help drive online traffic to your page and potentially score a high rank in a top results page on sites like Google.

Your page speed analysis is important when determining the page speed SEO. No website that lacks speed will be able to reach a high ranking on search engine top results. When a website has poor quality features such as speed, the user experience will most likely be on the low end. This is why page speed SEO is a very important factor to consider when creating your site.

It is not difficult to do a page speed analysis on the speed of your site. The Google PageSpeed Insights tool will help you determine your page speed.  This tool asks you to type in your URL and it will give you a core web vitals result for desktop and mobile. The score is 0-100 and 85 and above means your page has decent speed. Anything below should be worked on in order to optimize rankings for your page.

How does Page Speed Affect SEO

Page speed affects SEO in a couple of ways. Google’s algorithm speed update helps determine rankings. If a page is too slow, a user is likely to exit the page, creating a poor  experience for the user. Google does not want to rank sites with poor quality user experiences. Because of this, page speed affects SEO significantly when your page does not meet the desired speed standards.

Page speed compared to site speed

There is a difference between page speed and site speed, yet it is a simple one. Page speed is measured by how long it takes to load a specific page. Site speed determines the time it takes to load a website with numerous pages. If both were to be considered the same it would not be fair. A page is likely to load way faster than a series of pages would.

Why Does Speed Matter?

The answer to this is very straightforward. Speed is always an aspect of things that is appreciated. When a service is fast, it saves you valuable time to use on other things. Just as you avoid visiting stores that you know make you wait long lines, you avoid sites that take time to load. If your site is slow, the user will most likely exit your page to find faster options.

Long load times create poor user experiences. This time that a user waits for a page to load causes frustration and encourages them to rely on other sites. The internet is known for a place where you can get information quickly. If your page or site does not meet up to these expectations, it will not succeed.

As Google notices these poor user experiences and notices your page lacks speed, your rank will be lowered. It is all a domino effect from there. You rank low, you don’t show up on the top results page and therefore, you won’t bring much online traffic to your page.

How You can Improve Speed

You can improve the speed of your site by taking the assessment to see your page speed. If your results are less than 85 then it gives you tips on what to do to improve your speed score. It is very easy to fix your speed score and start increasing rankings for SEO.

Poor site optimization can also be a factor that gets in the way of fast loading speeds. This happens when sites have images that are not compressed. You can simply compress the image on WordPress if you have the plugin. Another reason for poor site optimization can be lack of organization when creating your site. If your site was created poorly, it can load differently from a desktop to a mobile device. This affects the speed and brings down your site’s ratings as well.

Page Load Speed

The time it takes a page to load will determine the quality of user experience your site has. Page load speed is an incredibly important factor to take into consideration when building your page. When a page doesn’t load the user typically will think it is on their end. Once they figure out it is not their network, but the page’s, they will probably exit. People don’t like to waste valuable time and when it comes to speed, it is most valuable to have fast online experiences. This is why it is crucial to have the page load speed be at its fastest time. If your page is fast you are sure to drive more online traffic to your site.

How long should a page take to load?

Your page should take an average of 2 to 5 seconds to load. It is best if your page takes 3 seconds or less to load because it will maximize rankings. If a page takes 10 seconds to load, it is unlikely the user will have waited that long. With sites that take so little time to load, no one wants to wait longer times than usual.

What affects site speed?

There are a couple of aspects to a page that can take part in its loading speed. Page weight and network conditions play a big role in the page speed of your website. This will help determine the reason as to why your speed is being affected:

Page weight

If your page has a lot of content such as large files and high quality videos or pictures, the weight is going to be larger. When the weight of a page is too large and has heavy documents, it will affect the loading time. One real life example of this is that it will take a person with a 50 lb bag a longer time to go down a flight of stairs than it would without the bag. Even if your page is filled with high quality information and visuals, no one is going to see it if it takes too long to load.

Network Conditions

Network conditions have a great influence on the speed of your page. Even if the page seems to be light, if the network is not working properly it will affect the speed. If you use a mobile device without wifi connection, the 3G or 4G loading time is longer than expected. Some techniques, such as minification, can help improve that. When you minify your HTML, duplicated and unnecessary data gets removed. If the network is the problem, your site’s ranking will not be affected. It is always better though, to make sure that your page has light content that could improve speed, or that you use the minification technique.

Why is Speed Important?

The world moves at such fast speeds that people are not used to waiting long times to get what they want. Most things are reachable to a person with the click of a button. It is something that people are used to and have an expectation for. If your site is not able to be 3 seconds or less away from the reach of someone, the lower the chances of your SEO rank.

Luckily, there are solutions to these problems. It is very quick and easy to get your site up to speed. With speed, the possibilities of your site reaching high rank search results are very much possible