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How Hospitals Get More Patients by Blogging

Blogging for Hospitals

Hospitals often mark a central point in people’s lives. They protect and care for people all over the world, ensuring safety. Without hospitals and the important staff among them, people wouldn’t be nearly as safe as they are. Since its primary goal is to care for its patients, it can be difficult to remember the importance of marketing for hospitals. However, how are you supposed to help your patients if they don’t know who or where you are?

With a peak of interest in the field, medical schools have increased class sizes by 30% . This means there is more competition within the field, and more care facilities available for people to choose from. With multiple care facilities around your local area, it is important to stand out among them. How can you do this? By incorporating more marketing strategies in your hospital advertising. This means updating your website, being available on multiple online platforms, creating hospital blogs, and using search engine optimization. All of this starts with having an online presence.

Having an Online Presence

Having an online presence will allow more information to be accessible to your patients. Let them get to know you! The more presence that you have established online, the more likely patients are going to trust you. And in a business that usually involves fear and anxiety and even life or death, trust is everything. Display photos of friendly faces and encouraging messages. Make your space seem safe and not scary. If you provide a safe place online, potential patients will feel comforted and trust your hospital.

Creating a Website

Having an online presence begins with creating a website. This will give your hospital a place to provide basic information for patients like location, contacts, and forms. You can also make your hospital seem special through your site. Showcase photos and videos proudly and prove that you know what you’re talking about. This will make you seem more friendly and informative. You are the expert on your hospital, let that shine through on your website!

The more content you have on your website, the better. Once you have created your website, it doesn’t stop there. You have to make sure that you are always adding new content to your site. You’ll want it to be always up to date so that customers are constantly visiting it. How can you do this? By writing hospital blogs.

Writing Blogs

Blogging for hospitals is extremely beneficial. Overwhelmingly, adding a blog to your site can increase traffic by 434%. Why would so many people read blogs? Blogs are made to be informative and easy to read. They also often answer typical questions people may have about a certain topic. You have probably read many blogs in your lifetime. They often appear at the top of search engine result pages. Adding hospital blogs to your site gives you endless possibilities for content creation. It’ll allow you to have a schedule and be consistently uploading new material to your site, keeping your hospital relevant. When you add new content to your site and incorporate keywords through that content, you are using search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is a marketing strategy used by many businesses to bring their site to the top of search engine result pages, which leads to more traffic flowing into your site. SEO can be optimized with blogging because you can incorporate special keywords within your content. These keywords make it easier for Google to recognize your site and put it at the top of searches. Writing hospital blogs will put your location on the map.

Using Social Media Profiles

Being present on social media is a necessity for hospital marketing. The more platforms you are on, the better. Hospitals could make profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and even YouTube. With these different outlets, your business will reach a wider audience, keeping both young and older people in mind. Everyone has a social media app they prefer. Why not optimize as many as you can so that you can reach everyone?

The Importance of Blogging for Hospitals

While blogging helps with SEO for any business, it is specifically helpful for hospitals. Not only will it make hospitals seem more credible and friendly, but it will develop clinical writing skills for the writer. This will be useful for your staff’s skill set as they will be constantly reflecting on their work through their blogs. Writing improves empathy and courage, which are important qualities for hospitals and their staff members to have. Writing hospital blogs also provides education for patients, keeping them informed and reassured.

Topic Ideas for Hospital Blogs

It can sound daunting to be constantly coming up with blog ideas. What if you run out of ideas? Don’t worry, there will always be more ideas as long as your hospital is still up and running. Once you start coming up with ideas for your hospital blogs, it will be hard to stop. The possibilities are endless.

Look at your hospital blog from your audience’s perspective. What would a patient like to read? How about a doctor? Make sure to appeal to your various audiences. Be informative. Have some serious blogs and some not-so-serious ones. Once you get into a rhythm, you will be unstoppable.

If you are still having trouble coming up with ideas, here are some hospital blog possibilities:

  • Write about a day in the life as a nurse or doctor
  • Share facts about medical conditions
  • Write about location updates and/or renovations
  • Write about upcoming events and activities
  • Provide some healthcare news
  • Interview staff or patients

Writing hospital blogs is not impossible. If the process becomes too tedious, you could also hire a writing team or a group of interns to write blogs for you. This will help you stay on task while also giving more writing opportunities to others.

Staying Organized While Writing Hospital Blogs

When you are writing blogs, it is crucial to stay organized and use strategies to keep you writing consistently. Make sure to keep a schedule. Keeping a schedule will make sure you and your writing staff are always on top of it. You can create a schedule in numerous ways, depending on what your preferences are. Your schedule can be kept on an electronic Google Calendar, which is useful for sending reminders to ensure that you’ll be notified. You can also print out a template for yourself and make a calendar on paper, crossing off what you have completed. Another way to stay organized is to invest in a planner journal, a whiteboard planner, or even just a handwritten calendar.

The Big Picture

Everyone will likely have to go to a hospital at some point in their lives. Help make this a less scary experience by creating meaningful blogs for your patients. It is worth the extra time and effort since it helps keep you credible and bring more eyes to your site. At the end of the day, blogs will humanize your hospital. Help patients trust you by creating useful blogs.

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