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Google Revamps How Search Works Web Portal

Google Revamps How Search Works Web Portal

Website SEO companies can now take a look at Google’s newly updated How Search Works website, which publishes information about how the search engine ranks, organises, and tests the search engine results pages (SERPs). How Search Works can help online businesses and site owners improve their website SEO traffic and rankings.

Google launched How Search Works in 2016 with the goal of explaining how their search engine works in a more straightforward way so even SEO beginners can understand it. Since then, the website has become an ideal resource for new site owners and publishers who want to know more about how the SERPs work.

Professional website SEO companies may find the website’s information a bit basic; however, it is still worth checking out because Google consistently works on search updates every year. The How Search Works website also updates annually, and the new information is usually based on the latest data from Google’s evaluations and tests.

The website currently includes data about 2020 when Google ran:

  • 383,605 search quality tests
  • 62,937 side-by-side experiments
  • 17,323 live traffic experiments
  • 4,887 launches in the SERPs

Google Redesigns How Search Works Site

Google has publicly announced that they were launching a fully redesigned How Search Works site in terms of its appearance.

SEOs have checked the newly redesigned website and compared it side-by-side with the cached version. After looking for new insights from the new How Search Works web portal, they found out that Google made no changes to the site’s content.

Although the search engine company edited the content a bit by tweaking the wording, there were no new insights to learn from it. But while the updated website has all the same information, Google did improve upon the presentation of the content.

One notable improvement in the revamped web portal is the user experience. The newly redesigned website requires less clicking, so users do not have to go through a lot of interactive elements just to access the information they need.

The old website used to show the main page containing multiple button topics to its visitors. The page required the user to click on a button to read an article about the topic and then hit the back button on their browser to go back to its main page. From there, they could select another topic by clicking on a different button, read the entire content, and click the back button to get to the main page again. With Google’s new How Search Works website, the visitor can simply scroll down the page to read all the content, no clicking required.

After the search engine company published a post to announce the redesign, Google’s Danny Sullivan also posted about it on Twitter. This gave the impression that significant tweaks were done. But in truth, the How Search Works update was probably the kind that would go unnoticed if Google did not say anything about it.

But even though the updated website did not contain any new information, it was already very informative in the first place.

How Google Search Works

Google provides users with millions of web pages every time they type in a search query. They constantly improve their search engine systems to present the most helpful and relevant information for each search.

According to the How Search Works website, here are some of the things that the search engine can offer its users:

    • The world’s largest library
    • Google’s Search Index is like a library containing information from all the libraries worldwide. The company continuously adds more information to it and updates it with data about images, videos, books, web pages, facts, and more.
    • Thanks to Google’s software known as “crawlers”, the system has garnered all these resources in their Search index. Crawlers visit publicly accessible web pages and follow their pages’ links, just like what users do when they browse content on a website. Google’s crawlers go from page to page, “crawling” on web pages online and storing their information in Google’s index.
    • Instantly matches user’s search
    • It isn’t easy to find specific information online because the Internet is a vast sea of data. But within a few seconds, Google’s automated systems can go through billions of web pages in the Search index and find the most useful and relevant results for the user. This is thanks to Google’s ranking system, which allows users to quickly find high-quality content that is relevant to their question.
    • Google uses various factors and signals, including the usability and relevance of web pages, the words used in the query, the expertise of the sources, and the user’s settings and location. The weight applied to each factor depends on the query’s nature. For instance, if a user’s question is about news topics, Google will prioritise the freshness of the content more than dictionary definitions.
    • Constantly improves user experience
    • Google’s Search always has areas of improvement, considering the growing demand from its users. The search engine company conducts thousands of experiments every year, and its efforts yield thousands of improvements.
    • Keeps users safe on Search
  • Phishing scams and other poor-quality articles sometimes try to rank and appear as highly relevant content. It is Google’s responsibility to automatically detect such websites and keep them out of the SERPs, helping protect the users.

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