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Benefits of Google My Business

Benefits of Google My Business

Google My Business is a beneficial tool that allows you to manage and track your business profile that operates on Google. It is all about optimizing your business and ensuring your strategies are as effective as possible.

Your business profile appears on Google maps and provides schema markup, like the industry your business is in and the rating your business receives, in a visual star form. It also makes your number, address, and hours visible, so customers are able to contact you and know general information about where and when you operate.

Your business profile is subject to customers leaving reviews and making general comments about your business. Your business needs a Google My Business account to access, manage, and enhance your business profile. Not to mention, it’s free! This article is going to describe the many benefits of Google My Business, how to incorporate it in your business, and an analysis of Google 3 pack.

Google Maps Offering

One of the many benefits of Google My Business is the ability for the location of your business to show up in Google Maps. The majority of consumers use Google Maps so that they can locate businesses that are near them. It does not matter if a consumer is searching for an Italian restaurant nearby or a hardware store, Google Maps generates a large number of nearby businesses who are involved in the industry searched. All you have to do is create a Google My Business account and complete the steps that verify your account. Then your business will start showing up in Google Maps.

Gain Credibility

Another benefit of Google My Business is earning your consumers’ trust. One of the greatest challenges for customers is building trust with the company and feeling confident in making a purchase with the business. To help solve this reservation, one of the best things you can do is show customers that your business actually exists and offers a location nearby.

Google has earned a high credibility over the years, meaning most customers trust Google and the information it generates for them. This means if your business is readily available when searched in Google, customers are more inclined to shop at your business and visit your store in person. Creating a Google My Business requires verification steps that ensure your business is real. This creates a trustworthy environment for your customers who find your business via Google search.

Greater Traffic Volume & Sales

One of the greatest struggles for businesses is obtaining a steady rate of visits throughout the year. It is no secret that the volume of customers’ business experience fluctuates especially throughout the seasons and during the holidays. To combat the lulls businesses experience during slow times, using Google My Business is a simple way to increase the traffic.

Just by having a listing through Google and showing up in local searches, businesses are more than 70% more likely to obtain visits from local searchers. This again relates to credibility and how easily accessible your business becomes through having a Google My Business account. It has been discovered that customers who find a business through Google My business are 50% more likely to make a purchase, meaning your business will see a significant increase in sales.

Star Rating Feature

There are a few factors that impact whether or not a customer will visit your store or make a purchase. Customers have been proven to rely on star ratings to help drive their decisions. When you think about making a purchase, which one are you going to go with: the company with the highest or lowest rating? This is one of the benefits of Google My Business. A star rating is provided within the schema markup and gives customers an overall vision of the value of your business.

Reviews with Star Ratings

Google My Business allows customers to leave reviews and interact with other people’s comments. Feedback is an integral part of the decision-making process for anything in life. Whether it be feedback from students on how well a professor teaches or feedback on how likely a customer is to return to a restaurant, it has a huge impact. As long as you are delivering quality product and service, the star rating feature is sure to help your business flourish.

Higher Rank in Results

The more Google likes your business, the higher Google ranking you will have, and the more likely consumers are to see your company when searching for a business that operates in your industry. This is related to SEO, or Search engine optimization. The process of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic volume to your website is how SEO works.

This is achieved through your Google ranking, because the higher your Google ranking, the higher your website/business will show up within search engines. Search engine optimization is all about your customer. What keywords do they use when searching, what are their preferences, etc. Search engine optimization is all about organic search results. Organic is just a fancy way of saying non-paid. These are achieved through effective strategy and knowing what your customer wants.

Engage with Customers

With Google My Business, the first thing you are able to do is engage with customers. You are able to respond to reviews and make changes to your business accordingly. If they had a bad experience, you could reach out and offer consolation and help. You can also respond to direct messages and build a relationship with your customers. This engagement is vital and will give your company a good reputation. Customers will feel more connected to you, and you can show them their value.

Showcase Your Business

Within a Google My Business dashboard, you can provide a link to your company site so visitors can access your website with ease. You can also include the hours your business operates as well as pricing and products or services offered. Add attractive photos of your storefront and interior design. This can help people decide if they want to come to your location! There are many ways to make your business pop out to the consumer through Google My Business.


Google My Business will provide you with key insights on your audience and your overall performance. Google has an analytics tab that can reveal many different aspects of customer involvement. This includes how your customers found you, the actions they take on your website, and how long they stay. This can also help you determine how your website designs are performing and how attractive they are to customers. These insights are very important if you want to know what to do next to improve.

How Can This Help My Business?

If aren’t sure how Google will help, know that the most important thing Google My Business will help you obtain is a loyal client base. If your ratings are high and your website is easy to find, you are more likely to obtain regular customers who keep coming back for more. For example, if you are a department store and have satisfied your customers with your products and services, they are more likely to also return for other items they need. This is because they have identified how reputable your company is through your rating. They have also experienced your great service for themselves. As your Google ranking increases, you will also obtain a greater exposure, and as a result receive more and more new customers.

What is Google 3 Pack?

Google 3 Pack is the three local businesses that get displayed when a search related to the business is made. The pack includes three local businesses, their location, and basic information about the business. This simplifies the process for the customer because Google 3 pack provides them with the most fitting result based on their search instead of requiring them to scroll through a long list of results.

This way, all of the basic information is right there in front of them. Gaining a place on the Google 3 pack happens through optimizing your Google My Business. This is achieved by numerous SEO tactics that you can use, such as ensuring your phrases and keywords match what a typical web searcher would use. It also helps to customize your website to your consumer’s needs. Make sure you are constantly monitoring your Google My Business listing and website to stay within the Google 3 pack.

Your Google My Business Strategy

Google My Business is something you want to take advantage of to increase your digital presence and outshine your competition. To get started with a Google My Business account and learn how to properly implement one, contact Webmix Networks SEO today to help your company achieve its desired goals.