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Our Organic Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing includes a full assessment of your current website, reports on valuable keywords and niche markets, and a full gamut of SEO techniques that are tried and true over the years. Our services work with Google regardless of algorithm changes and changing theories.

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Our Web Design and Development service is second to none and our designers have worked with a variety of clients from big names to mom-and-pop shops. All designs are built from scratch and are never developed from a template. Your site design will be unique to your business. We build marketable websites!

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SEO for Gyms & Fitness Clubs in Boulder, Colorado

Ready to see what SEO can do for your gym or fitness club?

SEO for Gyms & Fitness Clubs

SEO for Gyms & Fitness ClubsGyms and fitness clubs are typically establishments where members can, for a monthly fee, have access to free weights, weight machines, exercise equipment, and in some cases instructors and personal trainers to help them towards their fitness goals. Some gyms focus on a group class structure, teaching and overseeing anything from aerobics to boxing, while others maintain a more free-range atmosphere, simply allowing members to use their exercise gear of choice at any pace they see fit.

Healthier lifestyles are coming back into fashion and fitness centers and clubs are a staple for anyone looking to get fit or stay in shape. Regardless of current trends, however, gyms will always be in demand for those who care about their bodies and health.

Benefits of SEO for Gyms & Fitness Clubs in Boulder, Colorado

Gyms and fitness clubs will typically have one or more owners, one or more managers, and then a staff of instructors, trainers, and maintenance. Most small to medium-sized fitness businesses don’t keep a full team of in-house marketers employed because it’s simply not feasible to do so. But internet marketing is more important than ever now, and as more time passes the internet continues to overtake print and traditional forms of advertising.

For the small or medium-sized business, online marketing is absolutely paramount. SEO for gyms and fitness clubs is no exception. People are ditching their old yellow phone books at avalanche rates. When someone wants to find something, they pull out their phone or laptop and use a search engine. For many industries, this is how a majority of business is generated today.

When someone searches for a gym or a fitness club in your area, you want them to find your business. If your business listing is buried ten pages deep in the search results, how many people can you expect to actually see it? Not many at all. This is why organic search engine optimization is so important for the modern business. People finding your website and your business is only half of the battle, however. Once they find you, you still need to convince them that your gym is the best choice for them!

Why We Rock SEO for Gyms & Fitness Clubs

It’s obvious why SEO for gyms and fitness clubs is important, but what’s not obvious is what sets one SEO company apart from another. The fact is that not all SEO is equal, and so not all SEO companies are equal. There are many companies that will promise you number one rankings for a marginal fee. This should be a red flag! These unrealistic promises, especially if you’re paying next to nothing, will often result in more harm than good. Many SEO companies will take your money and either perform little to no work or will outsource your work overseas.

Search engine optimization is both a science and an art; it’s a delicate process which, if not done right, can actually result in penalties or blacklisting from Google and other search engines. This is why it’s paramount to find an SEO company that you can trust. At Webmix Networks SEO we’ve been doing this for years. When we take a job we do the job right and from the very beginning, we’ll be honest and up-front with you about the results that you can expect.

In addition to our organic, white-hat search engine optimization, we have a full team of experts in online marketing, web development, and social media management. Whether you already have a website that you love or you need a brand new site created from the ground-up, we can accommodate your unique brand while also implementing our results-driven SEO techniques.

We work full-time to increase your search engine rankings, to increase your traffic and exposure, to increase your conversions, and ultimately to get your more business and more profit. Because we know that the more money we make you, the longer you’ll want to keep us on. If you’re interested in SEO, web development, or internet marketing, we’d love to discuss your situation with you at no charge.

Exactly What is SEO?

SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, helps get your gym’s website to appear in search engine results when people are searching for keywords like “gyms near me,” “fitness center,” “workout places” and other terms people enter when searching for gyms or fitness centers.

How Does SEO Make My Gym Website Rank Better?

SEO involves making many small changes to the pages on your gym or studio fitness business website that makes them more likely to rank higher in the search engines. When users type in keywords, they are really asking questions. Pages that answer these questions better, load quickly, securely, and without errors, and are viewed as more trustworthy by search engines are more likely to rank higher.

In theory, it’s pretty straightforward, but it takes time to optimize your gym website. It involves:

  • Making sure your current website thoroughly describes your gym, your equipment, and the classes you offer
  • Improving user experience throughout your website
  • Showing your website is authoritative and trustworthy
  • Developing new content on your website that describes your gym in more detail or that educates your prospects and customers about why strength training and cardiovascular fitness is so important

The above outcomes are achieved through SEO tactics called on-page optimization, technical SEO, link building, and content development.


Keyword Research

On-page optimization involves knowing what terms people use when searching for a gym or fitness center and making sure you use these words and phrases on your website. The first step is keyword research which helps you know exactly what people are searching for and how often. “Gym near me” is the most popular keyword phrase people search for when they are looking for businesses like yours and “gym” is the second most popular. It also helps you know about more specific keywords people use to search. For example, people search for cheap gyms.

They also look for gyms that offer basketball, swimming, and specific fitness classes, like kickboxing or yoga. Some look for virtual fitness options. Next, you place keywords on your page in your site’s title tag, meta description, page text, and headings. While there are plenty of keyword research tools and articles on how to title tags, you will get better results and save hours of time by hiring an SEO pro or leveraging a DIY SEO platform with suggestions specifically for gyms.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO makes sure your site is fast, secure, and can be crawled by search engines. Google’s Page Experience update that went live in June, 2021 makes technical SEO a bigger priority than ever. Contact your web developer if your site isn’t secure or if it seems slow. They should be able to help you speed it up. You can also improve site speed yourself by editing images of your studio and staff so they are as small as possible as well compressed and optimized for use on your fitness center website.

Content Development

Most gym trainers have just a few pages on their website. This doesn’t give you much space to tell search engines or your prospects much about your facilities, services, and classes. If this describes you, consider adding some new pages to your website. Consider creating separate pages that go into detail about personal training or specific classes. A before-and after-photo page can bring your member’s results to life. Create a separate page to optimize for each of these.

You can call our office at (970) 763 8169 for a free, no-obligation consultation. Or simply fill out our online form for a free SEO quote and we’ll be happy to contact you with any questions you may have.

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