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WooCommerce Merchants Integrate Products Across Google

WooCommerce Merchants Integrate Products Across Google

SEO optimisation agencies and online businesses using WooCommerce can now upload their product inventory to Google for free. This gives SEO retailers the chance to get discovered across different Google surfaces, including Images, Shopping, Search, and YouTube.

Google’s new extension for WooCommerce allow merchants to upload products to Google, create ad campaigns and free listings, review performance metrics, and take advantage of many other features without the need to leave their dashboard.

Google Listings And Ads Extension For WooCommerce

WooCommerce retailers can sync their shop with Google to run paid ads, track performance, and list products. There are three main objectives that retailers can accomplish with the Google Listings & Ads extension:

  • Reach online shoppers with free listings.
  • Boost store traffic and sales with Smart Shopping Campaigns.
  • Connect their store with Google’s Merchant Center.

Once SEOs have synced their store with the tool, customers can gain access to everything related to the shop and its products when they search on a Google property. What’s more, the tool updates the information automatically when businesses add or remove products.

Create Free Listings In Google

Google announced last year that they would be offering free listings to the US, and this feature has now arrived in the UK, as well as in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. All retailers can now list products for free in the Shopping tab, which means they can now appear in image search results, general search results, and in Gmail.

Just like regular search results, retailers can pay for advertisements if they want to be featured in shopping listings, but it is free just to be included. Retailers can also run paid ad campaigns and free listings at the same time.

Promotions In Google Merchant Center

SEO agencies and retailers can distribute their online offers through Shopping ads and free product listings with Promotions. This feature is available in the following countries: the US, and Canada. To take advantage of the feature, retailers should fill out the company’s help request form.

Participation Criteria:

  • Promotions should expire within six months (183 days) of their start date.
  • Promotions should be redeemable at checkout or at the time of purchase.
  • Promotions should follow Google’s editorial requirements and promotions policies.

Finally, you should create promotion types that any and all of Google’s customers can take up.

Registering Promotions In Google Merchant Center

SEOs will need to create a Merchant Center account before they can make their promotions appear on Google. During the process, they must provide the business’s account details and ensure that its website meets all Google’s requirements by verifying and claiming their site URL. After all that has been done, they will then be free to create a product feed.

Once a Merchant Center account has been set up, SEOs can create promotions to show their customers the deals and offers they want to share. When they add promotions to their products on Google, users will see a “special offer” link that tells buyers the available discounts, details of free shipping, and more.

To create a promotion, you should either use the promotion builder or create a promotion feed.

A promotion builder is best used if the business only has a small number of promotions to submit. If SEOs choose this method, they can go to the “Promotions” dashboard to manually enter each individual promotion. Businesses can select the promotion category that best fits their deals and offers. Below are some of the following categories:

  • Percent off – percentage discount.
  • Amount off – monetary discount.
  • Free gift – free gift based on the amount spent or item purchase.
  • Free shipping – free shipping based on the amount spent or item purchase.

Moreover, the promotion builder also allows businesses to specify discount amounts, gift descriptions, spend thresholds, and more.

A promotions feed, on the other hand, is a spreadsheet containing all of the promotions used online. This method is best used by businesses that are hosting a lot of promotions. Businesses must also create a spreadsheet first, either on Google sheets, or as a txt file or xml file.

After SEOs have created a promotion, they can choose whether to apply it to all their products or only to specific products. It is important that businesses are very clear when telling Google which products are eligible for their promotions. Double-checking this step will help ensure that buyers see the correct promotions for the product they’re looking at.

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We at Webmix Networks SEO, are a team of experts who can help improve your SEO optimisation and prepare your website for the sale season!

Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we have developed tried-and-tested white hat SEO tactics that will help your business site climb up the search rankings.

What’s more, we always employ a no-stone-unturned approach in our work and make sure to identify each and every single issue that could be holding your website rankings back. You can then decide which tasks you would like to handle yourself and which ones you want us to do for you.

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Some of the typical work we carry out includes:

  • Google Search Console.
  • Accelerated mobile pages.
  • Link detox.
  • Positive link building.
  • Google Local set up.
  • Website load speed.
  • Website performance.
  • &and much more.