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Three Alternative Tools To Use During Google Alerts Downtime

Three Alternative Tools To Use During Google Alerts Downtime

Google SEO tools have always been a crucial part of SEO. One of the best tools used for Google SEO, Google Alerts, recently faced a downtime issue, and though such problems are uncommon, they do happen. Even a brief outage may be harmful if a company misses out on an important alert.

Google Alerts is a tool that allows online businesses to monitor the use of certain keywords and subjects. To track media mentions, businesses and marketers frequently use Google Alerts. Certain mentions might provide marketers with opportunities to react or get a link back from the publication.

For instance, one may discover on Google Alerts that a website has credited their work but did include a link to their company name. This opens the door to reply and politely request a link to the page containing the work they’re talking about. It’s not as if they didn’t want to link to the website; they may have overlooked the matter.

Not all site owners realise the importance of backlinks in SEO. One may increase the incentive by reminding them that it’s a Google-recommended practice to link to sources rather than just mentioning them. If they appreciate the content enough to include it in their writing, they should be more than happy to provide a link to the source.

However, all of this is pointless if online businesses can’t capitalise on the opportunity because Google Alerts happens to be down. Businesses that rely on Google Alerts for media research and link promotion should have backups on hand just in case something like this happens again.

The biggest advantage of using Google Alerts is the fact that it is free. However, there are many other alternatives out there that do not require payment. Listed below are some of the top Google Alerts alternatives that are completely free.

Free Google Alerts Alternatives

1. Talkwalker Alerts

There is not much difference between Talkwalker Alerts and Google Alerts. The tool can do everything Google Alerts does, plus much more for the price of nothing. One may use Talkwalker to monitor blogs, forums, webpages, and Twitter feeds.

Users may filter results by sources they care about with Talkwalker, unlike with Google Alerts, which monitors sources at all times. All of these advantages make Talkwalker the best and most recommended free alternative to Google Alerts by far.

2. Social Searcher

Social Searcher’s free features are not nearly as useful as Google Alerts’, but they should suffice in a pinch. One may use this tool to quickly search for their brand name and discover where and how it’s being discussed on the Internet.

The results page includes a list of mentions, like information on who’s talking about the business, the sentiment behind it, and what keywords are being used around the brand. This tool does not allow free monitoring; however, one can do up to 100 searches every day for free.

On days when Google Alerts is having problems, Social Searcher is a helpful tool.

3. Mention

Mention, the social media monitoring tool that brands and agencies use worldwide, offers a free tier that might be beneficial for smaller organisations. With Mention’s free tier, one may monitor up to three social media accounts and keep track of 1,000 mentions every month.

Online businesses may receive one alert each month for free, so they will have to check this program manually the majority of the time. The free tier isn’t a 1:1 substitute for Google Alerts in any way, but it could be useful as a backup.

Why Use Google Alerts And Its Other Alternative Tools

Below are some of the reasons why an online business should use Google Alerts and other alternative tools.

Online Reputation Management & PR

Often, online businesses have experienced being caught off guard by a sudden surge of negative publicity or even a meme springing out of nowhere. Online reputation managers are well-versed in these issues, and even social media executives must deal with them. News items and social media trends can originate at any time and from anywhere on the Internet, making it impossible to keep track of everything.

Fortunately, businesses may use Google Alerts and similar tools to stay up to date and prepare their public relations campaigns.

Track Competitors

Although a business needs to be aware of what people are saying about them, they must also keep an eye on the web for news regarding competitors.

It’s a good idea to use Google Alerts and similar tools for competitor research. For example, it’s a quick and easy way to determine if rivals are increasing their content marketing efforts. It’s also worth noting that traditional link tools might not be able to detect such activity in the first place.

Breaking News on Topics

It is true that one can’t monitor every news source at the same time. If many news stories about a business emerge in a short period, it might be either excellent or terrible; either way, companies need to know about it as soon as possible.

Such Google SEO tools can be a fantastic approach to tracking how other marketing strategies affect links, mentions, or conversations. One should set up an alert for the product or brand names they wish to follow, and they will be alerted as soon as the content is published. Setting up alerts is an excellent way to monitor a brand’s reputation.

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