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How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Promoting your YouTube channel is a great way to increase brand awareness. YouTube is an important platform for your business to be on. It is the second-largest search engine website behind Google. It has a wide variety of age demographics that you can advertise towards. This article will give your business ideas on how to increase your channel’s subscribers, views, and overall look of your YouTube.

Get a YouTube Promotion

You could be producing great content, but if no one sees your videos it is a waste of time. By implementing a few elements of technology, it can feel like your channel just received a promotion.

Make Your Channel Public 

Having a public channel allows others to view your videos. If you have a private channel, people can’t see your videos. The default setting is public, so if you haven’t touched that you are all set. If you are a business that used to be private, it is always good to double check to ensure you have set your page to public. This will help people find your videos.

Make Quality Work

When making YouTube videos, you need to have standards. If you are starting a channel and don’t have a big budget to work with, most smartphones can take quality video. Using a DSLR or another camera does have its perks though. Along with getting clear shots with nice audio, you should have an idea of how to edit. There are several different applications you can download to edit your videos. Having some skills to enhance your video in post-production can help you differentiate your business. Lastly, you should provide quality content. Make sure the videos you are putting out have a purpose. If you want to create a quality video but don’t feel qualified, you can always outsource the videography or help create amazing content for your brand.

Be Active 

If you want others to be active on your channel you should do the same. Reaching out and finding your niche in the YouTube community is important. Although you may see them as competition, connecting with other businesses in your industry can gain your business a wider audience. You can also see what they are up to, which can help spark ideas for your business to create. By commenting on others’ posts it can give you exposure. Don’t neglect your comments either. Be active with the community that is active with you. Responding to comments, doing giveaways, and going YouTube live creates a strong presence so your viewers feel valued.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

YouTube isn’t just about putting up quality content and waiting for people to find your videos. If you want your channel to grow, consider using methods that some of the top YouTubers use.

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization isn’t just used for websites. You can use it to optimize your YouTube channel as well. Optimization on YouTube looks different than it would on Google.

  • For YouTube, you want to make sure your tags are as optimized as they can be. This includes having tags that hit keywords people are looking up around the topic of the video. You want to put keywords in your titles and descriptions of your videos especially.
  • Another area to add SEO to your channel is your video time length. YouTube uses audience retention to see how engaging your channel is. The goal is to get your viewers to watch your whole video. You have to find the sweet spot for your viewers. Some users like shorter videos, others want more in-depth responses depending on the topic.

There are so many SEO tips for YouTube. If you want to fully optimize your business, using SEO is a great long-term strategy.

Work with Other Brands

Brand partnerships can help expand your business. If your business is feeling stuck on what content to produce, other businesses might have a fresh perspective to add. If you are searching for a brand to partner with, making sure this brand helps represents what your business stands for. You want a mutually beneficial partnership that can expand both companies’ audiences. Staying true to your business’s values will help establish trust with your viewers. If you work with a brand that doesn’t feel like a good fit, this could hurt your business in the long run.

How to Get More Views on YouTube

A Great Thumbnail Can Go a Long Way

This is a simple element to add to your videos to help them get clicked on. It is a way to draw the attention of your audience and promote your YouTube channel. Consider adding catchy words and a quality picture that gives the user a sneak peek of the video. Thumbnails don’t need to be time-consuming. You can even create a template and change the picture and words in every video. This will also give your videos a consistent look.

Create A Playlist

A playlist is a list of videos that play one after another with a similar subject. If you organize your channel to have this, it can help how long people interact and view your videos. This in turn helps your channel. Viewers are more likely to stay on your content rather than move on to the videos of another channel in a playlist. You get to control the order the videos are organized in and help guide the user through your videos.

State a Call to Action (CTA)

Other YouTubers have found out that by simply asking people to like and subscribe, they can get more subscribers. This helps your videos expand their reach. The next video you post might receive more views because your videos are going to have more subscribers. Another way to get people to subscribe is by using pop-up cards and ending screens. It directs the user to what you want them to see. It is also a great opportunity to add in a link to a video if you mention a topic you go more in-depth on in another video.

How to Grow Your YouTube Channel?

Use Social Media

This is a great way to expand your followers from one platform to another. By cross-promoting your content you can start seeing engagement in new areas. To promote your new video, consider making a gif, a short trailer, or a picture that can help users understand what the content of your new video is. This can help lead your followers from Instagram over to your YouTube channel. Cross-promoting allows your brand to be seen by the user multiple times. This gives your business an advantage when that user needs to buy a product or service in your industry.

Email Marketing

This is a way to send your video directly to your subscriber’s email. If you think it is out of date, think again. People are 75% more likely to click on an email segmented towards them. You can reach out to your audience and promote your YouTube channel every time you post a new video. This will allow the users that are deciding to watch your videos see them right away. It also will increase your ranking if more people watch your video right away with the YouTube algorithm.


Another place to consider adding your videos is on your website. Most companies have a blog where they keep consumers updated. If you don’t have a blog, consider creating one because it keeps your website fresh for consumers and search engines. In the copy of your blog, you can add an embedded video. A blog can also help you search for what kind of videos to create. The post that is receiving a lot of traffic can be turned into a video to promote your YouTube channel. Once you have your video, be sure to add it to the post. This allows for traffic to cross, adding viewers to your videos and eyes on your brand.

Use Ads

If you have implemented some of these strategies and are still looking for more exposure, ads can help. YouTube uses Google Ads to promote videos. If you use Google Ads for your website, this is an easy transition. If not, Google makes this process simple. Before creating an ad, you should have a specific goal, audience, and budget you want your ad to hit. There are three different formats to YouTube advertisements:

  • TrueView In-Stream: Appears before other videos and the user can skip after five seconds. You only pay if the user watchers 30 seconds of the ad or engages with it.
  • TrueView Discovery: Appears in related videos, search results, or homepages. Only pay if the user watches your video.
  • Bumper Ads: Appears before other videos but can’t be skipped. It has to be six seconds or under. Reaching a wide audience and length makes it less likely to be remembered.

Start Promoting Your YouTube Channel!

Make sure your YouTube is optimized and reaching the right audience by adding different elements to your channel. If you are looking for help promoting your YouTube channel creating advertisements, adding SEO to your channel, or creating content, SEO Design Chicago can meet you every step of the way. Because we are a full-service digital marketing agency, you only need one stop for all your business’s digital marketing efforts. Starting your channel was the first step, but now it is time to achieve your goals.